Add New Internship Track

A catchy buzzwordy title. 40 chars max.

Give a brief summary of the area in which the intern is going to be working. Keep it short, simple and attractive. 200 chars max.

Select ALL Skills & Interests this internship track MIGHT cover. To outline necessary skills use the description area below.

Choose a fun and self-explanatory image, which outlines the feel or meaning of the track. Keep it easy, attractive and fun.

In one, short paragraph, give a catchy, written summary of the entire track. 200 chars min, 600 chars max.

Provide a bulleted list of projects or activities, that the intern could potentially deal with. Keep it fun, attractive and general, and limit yourself to a maximum of seven items. This is just to induce an application, everything else will be discussed in the call.

Provide a bulleted list of profile cornerstones and skills, that the intern should be able to provide. Outline either-or's verbally inside of the bullets. Keep it fun and mellow. Usually the good ones overthink if they are good enough to even send an application, while the bad ones don't even read the descriptions properly.

Here, give a bulleted list of skills and technologies, the intern will most likely have to deal with in the internship and therefore is required to be willing to put a signification effort into learning them. But we don't expect them to know them beforehand. Also here, keep it fun and engaging, but also, don't downplay the challenges of learning new technologies, because we do want them to start the internship with the necessary attitude and willingness to hustle your way into new knowledge.

Check if you want to add optional bonus skills or interests for this track.

This is the area, where we can put things, we couldn't possible ask for, but if the intern has and knows them, that would be suuuper useful and absolutely a bonus. This can only comprise interests or the willingness to learn stuff during the internship, we wouldn't normally ask somebody to.

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