What is

And why it will most definitely benefit your business.

What is bottom-up data?

Information that is created as a byproduct of the everyday activity of people and organizations. Particularly, through social media analysis this data offers four distinct dimensions - content, space, time and relations - which allow for complex geospatial ecosystem analyses.

How does it benefit your business?

This kind of data offers intimate, real-time insights into the dynamics and trends of communities and places. Additionally, thanks to ad-hoc timelines, you can trace processes retrospectively and identify drivers of change and anticipate future developments.

Use Cases

The use cases are almost infinite. Virtually any topic or trend that materializes online can be captured and analyzed. Currently, we are focusing on three major use cases.

bottom-up | Surveys

Learn about your most important target groups, customers or your competition. Trace discussions in real-time or retrospectively, to identify tipping points or large scale trends before they materialize.

bottom-up | Sales

Be the first to discover emerging markets and potential customers. Find out more about your target group's most important needs and desires, and generate high-quality leads and target them directly - fully automated.

bottom-up | City

Development processes and trends are always bound to particular spaces and ecosystems. Through georeferencing, timestamps and relationships we can offer completely new ways of understanding geospatial processes.

The Big Picture

"A vision is not just a picture of what could be; it is an appeal to our better selves, a call to become something more." - Rosabeth Moss Kanter

Our Vision

We believe in a world, where technology and interconnectedness can be leveraged to serve humankind. Thanks to mobile technology, web 2.0 and the internet of things, each and everyone of us is constantly documenting their very own everyday life experience. We believe that this immense wealth of information bears an incredible potential to make the world a better place - from the bottom up.

Our Mission

The information space on the web 2.0 is highly fragmented. Data is spread across a large spectrum of channels and formats, and is siloed in a myriad of disconnected bubbles. Our job is to channel and harmonize this complexity, to provide our customers and partners with intuitive and comprehensive insights to be able to make the best decisions for future growth.


Learn about the possibilities of bottom-up data through our client projects. Is your use case not included? Did you have something else in mind? Get in touch, and we will most likely make it possible.

Location & Competition Benchmarking

Who are my most important competitors and what are they talking about?
For a large German public economic Development Agency we identified and analyzed the key competitors for their current strategic development goals. We were able to identify the known suspects as well as hidden champions, and gather valuable insights for their next steps and communication strategy.

Geomarketing & Marketing Automation

Where are my potential customers and how can I reach them?
We support many early stage start-ups and lifestyle products oriented sales companies with the identification and analysis of new potential markets, as well as automated lead generation and customer acquisition. Through our superior data approach we are constantly able to obtain higher conversion rates, as even with manually curated leads.

Digital Citizen Participation

How can I leverage digital technologies to learn about my citizens' needs?
Not all crucial knowledge about the everyday life of citizens is readily documented online. To fill this gap we created our own digital mapping solution, with which we support public institutions and consultancies in cooperatively mapping hidden places with citizens in online-only and hybrid participation formats.

Urban Pioneer Ecosystems Analysis

What activities are most prevalent in our area, and how is the space connected to global networks?
For our first international customer, we support a large city in Spain in gathering tacit and hidden knowledge about informal urban pioneer ecosystems to leverage their social innovation potential in a large-scale post-industrial conversion project. Simultaneously, we support the local stakeholders in stabilizing their businesses and thus the innovative, but precarious, local community.

Meet the Founders

Get to know the people who have been driving bottom-up.city from the beginning.

Andreas Putlitz

Strategic Urban Development & Smart Cites

Sina Mertens

Geo-Informatics & Geo-Social Data

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